Yom Kippur, The Day of At-One-Ment

Today, September 26, 2012, is Yom Kippur, considered the most sacred day of the Jewish year. While the traditional translation of Yom Kippur is “Day of Atonement,” some prefer to think of it as the “Day of At-One-Ment.” I much prefer this spin. I was thinking earlier today about this process of living in a state of “at-one-ment.” Which, needless to say, is the essence of Yoga. We use different language, tell different stories, practice a wholly different technology. And yet, this longing for at-one-ment, well, there it is, at the core.

So I thought today, okay, when do I get tricked into living in a state of at-two-ment. What tricks of body and mind shift me out of myself, splitting me into fragments that hardly recognize each other. What does it take to shift back into the long deep exhale of ONE….

It’s a great contemplation for every day of the year and perhaps, an especially great inquiry for the Days of Awe…

I’ll be posting this week’s class very soon.

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life, which is also the Book of Love, for another year, and for every year hereafter…

From my heart to yours…

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