Monday, August 15: Rockout! Kirtan Final Class of Summer Season

Summer Season draws to a close. We’ll end this cycle of Monday Night Class with a Rockout! Kirtan on Monday, August 15th. This will be an all-chanting class. No dharma talk, silent meditation, or Q&A/Sharing tonight. Do join us. Bring your friends. We’d love to see you there.

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August 7, 2011

Many thanks for your patience with my infrequent blogging and non-linear posting of dharma talks. I continue recording each week and hope to be caught up by the end of this year. For now though, when I actually have time to edit a talk, it makes more sense to post the most recent. So, here is Monday August 1’s talk on Patanajali II 40 & 41.  Here are the sutras:

[Mukunda Stiles’ version]

II, 40
From purity arises a desire to protect one’s body and a cessation of adverse contact with others.
II, 41
From the purification of one’s essence cheerfulness arises, and with it, one-pointed concentration,
mastery of the senses, and the capacity for sustaining the vision of the True Self.

[Chip Hartranft’s version]
II, 40
With body purification, one’s body ceases to be compelling, likewise contact with others.
II, 41
Purification also brings about clarity, happiness, concentration, mastery of the senses, and capacity for self-awareness.

Here’s the actual talk:

I’m also including this Kabir poem which manages to make the same point in a handful of lines!

The Hearse
Kabir, version by Robert Bly

The spiritual athlete often changes the color of his clothes,
and his mind remains gray and loveless.

He sits inside a shrine room all day,
so that the Guest has to go outdoors and praise the rocks.

Or he drills holes in his ears, his beard grows enormous and matted,
people mistake him for a goat…
He goes out into wilderness areas, strangles his impulses,
and makes himself neither male nor female…

He shaves his skull, puts his robe in an orange vat,
reads the Bhagavad-Gita and becomes a terrific talker.

Kabir says: Actually you are going in a hearse to the country of death,
bound hand and foot!