The Mangalam Chant

For those who’ve been asking for a recording of the Mangalam, here it is, along with words to the chant and translation/commentary. So many people ask about developing a daily inner work practice. This is a beautiful chant to include. What better way to start (or end) your day than naming and blessing each and every aspect of creation!

Bhumi-Mangalam,  Udaka-Mangalam,  Agni-Mangalam, Vayu-Mangalam,  Gagana-Mangalam,  Surya-Mangalam,
Chandra-Mangalam,  Jagat-Mangalam,  Jiva-Mangalam, Deha-Mangalam,  Mano-Mangalam, Atma-Mangalam,

May there be peace in earth, water, fire, and air, the sun, moon, and planet, in all living beings, in body, mind and heart. May that peace be everywhere and in everyone.

Mangala is an adjective meaning auspicious, lucky, fortunate, etc. With the suffix “m,” it becomes a noun: auspiciousness, luck, etc. It is also related to the goddess Durga suggesting, “one whose touch brings ecstasy.”

24 thoughts on “The Mangalam Chant

  1. Thank you so much for posting the audio and words to the Mangalem chant. I have been thinking about i t wishing I knew it and there it was. Not as powerful as actually being there with the group but I’ll take it in any form.

    Love and light to you
    Chris Godfrey

  2. Thanks for posting this!
    I’m a yoga teacher – there are always LOTS of workshops to visit about asana, but never that many for spiritual teachings. I want to learn them from a heart-centered place. Also, I’m so drawn to use chant in my classes, but never know where to begin.
    If you check out my blog, my podcast explores a little bit of the yoga sutras as they relate to everyday life (mine).

    • Sorry, I do not. I believe Ravi Shankar brought it to a wide audience with an album he did with George Harrison many years ago — I learned it through the oral tradition. Your question does pique my own interest however. I’ll do some research and see if I can find it anywhere.

    • Yes, I agree about sound quality. Just using a little Sony MP3 recorder. You’ll perhaps be glad to hear I’ve just begun what will be at least a year-long recording project and the Mangalam is the first track we’ll be releasing. Stay tuned. Should be out by summer’s end if not before. And thanks for using the Monday Night Blog.

  3. I was looking for the definition of Mangalam and found your blog with this beautiful, melodic heart centered chant which I am listening to now as I type! Any info on the new recording would be greatly appreciated!
    Many Blessings… “Never underestimate how one small act changes the world.”

  4. There is also a really awesome ambient drum n bass version of the mantra made by shanti people! i strongly recomend it, it holds kinda of a powerful action inspirering touch … supa’ nice ! Jagat mangalam ❤

  5. Thank you Suzin
    I was looking for some more information for mangalam…..I am building up one for our group….
    Good luck and blessings

  6. Thank you, I had lost my hand written mangalam prayer when I moved some years ago, but woke up this morning thinking about it and wishing I could find it again, then thought Ahhhh just google it. xxxx Thank you and good luck with your blog.

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