May 8, 2011 — Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the Creative Pulsation 
Power of Truth, Majesty, Insight, & Compassion
Inner Luminosity that is Ground and Core of your Being…

To Nature
Orphic Hymn

I call to Nature, the mother of all, the mother who makes,
Heavenly, honored, goddess of wealth, sovereign,
The one who wins, who is never tamed, the narrator, the Giver of Light,
Stronger than the strongest, who gives her breasts to all….
Born of the night, all wisdom, carrier of light….
We see your footprints that whirl silently when you are still….
Forerunner, she who gets things done, giver of breath, feeder of all….
Goddess of earth, sea, air,
Bitter to the picayune, sweet to the large-hearted,
Wholly wise, wholly generous, guardian Queen….
You are father, you are mother, you are nurturer, you are nurse….
Creator of the world, sculptor, spring of richness, diversity of the sea,
Everlasting one, she who gets things to move, wholly wise, one who cares,
And never fails, one whose strong energy goes whirling,
Always river-like, moving in circles, changer of shores….
Having no fear, champion over all, you are fate and destiny, fiery Mother,
Never born or dying, you are continuous life and know what comes.
You are the Great Plenum and you alone give birth.
Holy Mother, we pray you in this season lead us
On to peace and health and increase of good things.

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