June 21, 2010

Where last week’s verse pushed some buttons, this week’s soars into the heart. It also blends beautifully with Ramprasad/Lex Hixon’s See all in her and her as all.  Try reading them out loud, interspersing verses back and forth. And see if you don’t begin feeling that upsurge of bliss described in the Shiva Sutras as udyamo bhairavaha...

The Master keeps her mind
always at one with the Tao;
that is what gives her radiance.

The Tao is ungraspable.
How can her mind be at one with it?
Because she doesn’t cling to ideas.

The Tao is dark and unfathomable.
How can it make her radiant?
because she lets it.

Since before time and space were,
the Tao is.
It is beyond is and is not.
How do I know this is true?
I look inside myself and see.

Here is  Ramprasad’s  [version from Lex Hixon]
See all in her and her as all:

The Mother of the Universe
captivates every world with her beauty.
Her long hair streams as waves of cosmic energy.
This drunken poet has fallen forever in love
with her glorious black luminosity.
Mystic union with her transcendent blackness
is experienced by intense lovers.
This blackness even exhilarates Shiva,
supreme Knower of Reality,
and inspires as well every heavenly being,
ever ardent saint, every awakened sage.

Lord Shiva, essence of divinity,
meditates on her black form ceaselessly
as she dances in his heart.
Her beautiful blackness flows
as the graceful play of Krishna,
who removed all notions of mundane existence
from ecstatic milkmaids,
souls filled with sweet devotion.
Then Lord Krishna, garlanded with wildflowers,
transforms once more into original Kali,
wielding her sword of wisdom
that cuts away the veil of multiplicity.

The Black Goddess and her companions
are eternally sixteen timelessly dancing.
How my mysterious Mother shines,
full moon of Goddess Wisdom that never wanes,
surrounded by these piercing stars,
her revolutionary spiritual children!

Utterly lost in delight, her poet lover sings:
“This is the dawning of enlightenment,
the awakening to nonduality.
Her form and every form are now blending
into one radiant blackness.
O mind, despise no being, reject no path.
See all in her and her as all.”

And lest you still hunger for teachings that celebrate the unitive vision, here is Swami Muktananda, quoted from his wonderful book, Where Are You Going?

The Source of All Our Joy

Nothing in the world is greater than the Self. All out joy, all our inspiration, and all our strengths come from the Self. In fact, the Self contains everything in the universe. You will experience this when you turn within and see it in meditation….

The Self is our dearest friend. It exists inside us in its fullness, right within the heart. Thought the Self is always with us, it is so subtle that most people cannot see or hear it. The Self is the formless substratum of everything, the foundation of our lives. We cannot see it through the eyes, nor can we attain it through speech. The tongue can speak about it, but the true description of its nature is silence.

The Self cannot be attained through the mind or through the senses. Yet when the …[mind is]… purified through meditation, it reveals itself on its own… Just by meditating peacefully, we can make the Self manifest before us….

In India there lived a great Sufi named Hazrat Basjid Bastami. When he was young, Bastami set out on a pilgrimage to Mecca. On his way he came upon a dervish. “Where are you going?” the dervish asked.
“To Mecca,” Bastami replied.
“To see God.”
“How much money do you have?”
“Four hundred gold dinars.”
“Give them to me,” said the dervish. He took the money and put it in his pocket. Then he said, “What will you do in Mecca? You will simply walk around the sacred rock seven times Instead of doing that, walk around me seven times. Bastami did as he was told. “Now you can leave,” the dervish said. “You have achieved your purpose. But first let me tell you something. Since the day Mecca was built, God has never dwelled there. But since the heart was created, God has never left it. Go home and meditate.”

Whoever has attained God has attained Him within the human heart. The heart is the greatest temple of God.

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